Fiber Arts

A few years ago I fell in love with fiber.


The softness, the squishiness, the colors… squeee! I just can’t get enough of fibers. I re-kindled my love of embroidery (an art that I learned as a child), I started knitting and crocheting, and from there my obsession grew. I now dye and spin my own yarn (I spin on a Lendrum folding wheel) as well as weave. Fiber art activates a different part of my brain than photography, but at the same time I love that it lets me explore colors and textures — and also totally different — way.


You can find me & my fiber arts at area markets and shows. I mostly exhibit my fiber arts during the winter months (when it’s cold and chilly and you want to be bundled up in something warm and wooly!) Learn more about my fiber arts at Islay’s Terrace and Wanderlust and Wool.