It began half of my lifetime ago. I was 16 and handed my first SLR film camera. I was immediately in love. I took a 2-week summer course in darkroom photography at a local college and was hooked. (Some of the first photographs I ever developed included my mud-splattered TrailBlazer and golden retriever, Princess Bailey.)

Since then, I’ve taken a wide variety of photography courses and workshops including darkroom, digital, commercial and alternative processes.

I’ve traveled around the world, trekked down streets and beaches, hiked along the coast and explored abandoned buildings.

I think every picture holds a story… my goal is to share that story. I’m most drawn to old and abandoned places that hold deep, rich history. Whether it is an abandoned farmhouse or a crumbling factory, I am fascinated with the way that nature reclaims her space as man-made structures fall into disrepair.

While I will always have a soft spot for darkroom and alternative processes, today, I shoot digital. I use a Canon60D and a variety of lenses.

I’m always on the hunt for exciting new places, beautiful locations and spots that make my heart skip a beat. I photograph to explore, engage, and redefine the world around me. Each day continues to be a new adventure.

I began selling my work at a local art festival in 2008. I continue to add more markets and art festivals each year.

Find my work online:
Fine Art America